​Summer by Rosemarie Forsythe, acrylic on canvas, 36"x24"

Flamingos are a lovely symbol of summer.  $1500

Contemplation by Rosemarie Forsythe, 48"x36” acrylic on canvas.  So many cultures see the peacock in interesting ways.  Christians see it as a sign of hope — of auspicious events yet to unfold.  Muslims see peacocks as a cosmic symbol representing the whole universe or the sun at its zenith.  Several cultures believe the peacock can shift something negative into a positive.  The Cambodians believe peacocks disable poisons when they destroy serpents.  In China and Vietnam, the peacock is a symbol of peace and prosperity.  The Yazidi believe the peacock has the power to reconcile opposites — an excellent symbol for a peacemaker.  


Triumph by Rosemarie Forsythe, acrylic on canvas, 16”x20”
A horse is a symbol of many things in many cultures:  power, endurance, courage, enlightenment, and the triumph of good over evil.  


​Rosemarie forsythe art